It’s been an interesting and challenging year thus far, with a lot of action in short period of time. The new boat was finally unveiled in Seattle but it really was just getting wet. The first real test was in Evansville and the new boat and our new team, lead by Ron Jones, jr and Jay Leckrone, acquited itself well. We came in fifth place in the final, and had a good weekend except for the engine blow up. John Zimmerman, our new crew member and a great driver in the 5-liters, took the boat out and his very first lap in an Unlimited was 136 MPH! Very impressive, and portending a real future in our sport. Evansville- the race- did well too. The concert was well attended and the crowd was big and enthusiastic. Now it’s on to Qatar.


June 27th Update

It has been hectic.  We’ve decided to lease Fred Leland’s U-100, the boat they ran most of the 2008 season.  It’s a late acquisition to get us through the first two races back East until the new boat is ready.  It’s a thrash, and we start behind the schnide (as usual).  Look for us to establish our presence and team practices,  ready to hit the ground running with an eye-opening new boat.  The new boat should be primed, with final painting starting next week.  There’s still a lot of work  to do but all of the elements are in place for a successful debut in Tri-Cities.

Heather and I were in Los Angeles when we heard about Terry Troxell, and the shock and sadness remain palpable.   I first met Terry in 1981, in my first inboard race.   I raced against him in my very first inboard heat, at Entiat.   He was a great racer, a graceful individual and a good friend.  We send our sympathy to his family and share their grief.  All of us at U-25 send our best.

What’s New?

The truck is painted with all new cabinetry and “innards”.  The trailer is revamped and like new.  The engines are at Comp and the gear boxes are being readied.  Most importantly, the boat is virtually brand new, getting final touches at Ron Jones’ shop, but probably won’t hit the water until Madison.

Look for updated photos soon.

Will J-Dub drive?

The answer is definitely maybe!

I have concerns about his age as he’s been around a long time and I want to make sure that he is physically up to the challenge.

Seriously – J-Dub’s primary responsibility is team manager and crew chief, which this year is more important than ever.  Obviously, he’s a great driver as well.  Look for him to get a little time in the boat.  He’ll be available if needed.


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